In what areas of the female genital organs does HPV cause cancer?

The figure shows the location of the genital organs in a woman’s body.

The female genital organs are: vulva, vagina, uterus (womb), fallopian tubes, and ovaries.

The upper part of the uterus is called the body of the uterus and carries the fetus during pregnancy.

The lower part of the uterus is the cervix. It is a fibromuscular tube that connects the body of the uterus with the vagina.

The uterine cervix dilates during childbirth to allow the fetus to exit.

The female lower genital tract includes the cervix, vagina, and vulva.

The genital types of HPV target the cells of the lower genital tract and the perianal area. The organ in which HPV causes cancer more frequently is the cervix.