“Abnormal cells” on Pap smear: what is the next step?

In such a case the patient must consult her gynaecologist, who is the one to evaluate what is the next diagnostic step for his or her patient. If the physician suspects premalignant lesion or cancer, the further testing recommended usually includes a colposcopy with or without biopsy, and in some cases molecular testing for high-risk HPV DNA (HPV test). When LSIL or HSIL lesions are
found by a Pap test, or there is suspicion for cancer, the next step is a colposcopy.

The final diagnosis will be reached by studying the results of all the tests (Pap test, HPV test, Colposcopy, histological examination of biopsies). The decision for follow up or treatment and which treatment will be chosen, will depend on the final diagnosis, after reviewing the history of the specific patient.