In which cases is their use recommended?

The HPV test for the detection of carcinogenic HPVs in women is recommended mainly in the following cases:

  • Supplementary to the Pap test, if its results are indefinite (ASCUS category). This means that some abnormal cells are detected but it is not clear exactly what is going on. In such cases, if the HPV test confirms the presence of inflammation caused by carcinogenic types of HPV, women then undergo a colposcopy examination.
  • For routine testing in women older than 30, on its own or in combination with the Pap test.
  • For follow-up after the removal of premalignant lesions from the uterine cervix.

In summary, the HPV DNA test can help physicians conclude which women require further testing, in order to locate premalignant lesions. Its use should be decided by a specialized physician who can evaluate the results.