How can I improve my immune system?

Suppression of the immune system, is a very important parameter considering carcinogenesis by HPVs. We know that AIDS patients are at increased risk due to the compromised function of their immune system. We also know that patients receiving immunosuppressant medication for any reason (such as organ transplant patients and patients with long-term use of cortisone for rheumatic or other diseases) are also at increased risk.

Smoking, as proven by many studies, suppresses cellular immunity, making it more difficult for the body to suppress HPV. In women who smoke, lesions remain for a longer time, and also, after the removal of lesions, recurrences are much more frequent in smokers than in non-smokers.

Other epidemiological factors, with a milder correlation, are: concurrent inflammations (such as chlamydia – probably because they engage the immune system at the same time), long-term use of birth control pills, multiparity and dietary factors (deficiency of vitamins and trace minerals).

For these reasons, it is recommended to:

  • avoid stress and get adequate sleep
  • stop smoking
  • treat other inflammations
  • follow a healthy diet (plenty of fruit, leafy vegetables, green tea, fruit rich in vitamin C) and
  • get your screening test (Pap test, HPV test) as advised.

In these ways you can help your body suppress the virus or identify possible premalignant lesions at an earlier stage.